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Linda Sharaf

Director | Bright Star Academy


As the director of Bright Star Academy, Linda Sharaf is responsible for all aspects of operations for the academy. She regularly consults with senior management, provides staff development, evaluates programs, and provides an overview of school accreditation. Proficient in implementing new processes and procedures, Ms. Sharaf specializes in 360 feedback, quality cycles, cultural awareness, purchasing, negotiating, mediation, and mergers. on her educational background which includes a Masters degree from Charles Sturt University and a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, she has become an expert in business operations and start up of educational institutions in Australia and the Middle East. Ms. Sharaf brings 15 years of experience in project management, organizational development, and internal consulting to her position. Regularly sought after for advice and collaboration, she has served as a public speaker during major educational events. Awarded for excellence in team outcomes and business process analysis, she attributes her years of success to her education, cultural views, and hard work. In the coming years, Ms. Sharaf intends to remain steadfast in her position and keep abreast of changes in her industry through networking and consulting.

Ms. Sharaf is also affiliated with Amnesty International. In her free time, she enjoys dancing.

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